Isis Rampf

directress | writer

Isis Rampf is a filmmaker, directress and writer based in Berlin.

She studied literature, art and media studies in Constance, Cork and Potsdam. Alongside she worked in film editorial offices, production companies and as assistant director. After that she started to develop and direct own video and film works. Since summer 2023 she is a graduate of the Master Film program at ifs international filmschool Cologne. Her graduation film OBEN OHNE is in postproduction. Currently she researches and develops together with director and author Markus Imhoof the screenplay for the project SOLL UND HABEN (WT) and was participant of the Into The Wild Mentoring program 2023/24 with her new feature film project GEFĂ„HRTINNEN. Her works were shown at several international festivals.

Through her storytelling she explores senses of community and individuals’ connection to it and sheds light on socio-political issues. In her documentary ALLESANDERSPLATZ (2021), she observes artists and social workers collaborating to transform a vacant GDR building into an alternative city. Her collective feature film OBEN OHNE (2024) follows the intertwined stories of two women fighting for the right of their bodies and on the way becoming close friends. She not only writes and directs but also produces, embracing innovative storytelling approaches.