Isis Rampf

directress | writer

2024 | 79 Min. |WHERE YOU FIND ME | Feature film | funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Screenplay, direction, production as collective (Willi Andrick, Juan Bermúdez, Isis Rampf, Anna Schröder)

Two women fight for the right to their own bodies and discover unexpected support in each other. Although they couldn’t be more different, a close friendship develops between them until they are both confronted with a big decision.
OBEN OHNE is a queer-feminist drama that tells a kaleidoscopic story about bodily autonomy and rebellion, friendship and queer family models.

2022 | 17 Min. | Short Fiction

Screenplay, direction, production as collective (Willi Andrick, Juan Bermúdez, Isis Rampf, Anna Schröder)

A teenager wants to be recognized as non-binary and thus struggles against the narrow-minded worldview of their mother, who still sees the child as the idealized daughter.

2021 | 53 Min. | Documentary

Urbanization, concrete, stone, disappearing green. Next to the most central point of Berlin – Alexanderplatz – we find the building complex Haus der Statistik, which slowly withered into ruin over the past 12 years. But now the building with the red lettering STOP WARS, in which the official statistics were made in the GDR, is slowly awakening from its slumber. City administration, planners, artists and civil society come together to create space for art, culture and social affairs. Can this place and the people who engage for it create another concept of our cities?

[a.o. 17th achtung berlin Film Festival, XVI Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, Capital Filmmakers Festival 2023 Best German Documentary, All Streets Film Festival New York 2024]

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2021 | 5 Min. | Documentary short

Shortly before his death, an old man looks back on his travels around the world. His video recordings tell of the places of his longing. But what does it mean to never be able to return?

Projects in Development

COMPANIONS | Feature film | Script in Development | Part of Into the Wild Mentoring

Series Concept | Exposé | Together with Juan Bermúdez and Sergej Waldrat